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Delightful In Christ, you know to savor moments. This precise moment is yours to enjoy. This exact moment, and the few to follow, are for you to delight in. You will not live in the … Read More

Good News: You Are Beautiful

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Good News: You Are Beautiful You can clearly see the beauty of your Lord, though you have never seen Him. You see Him as wonderfully beautiful because you know something of the depth of beauty. … Read More


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Insightful   In Christ, you have depth of insight. You have His mind and His heart. You make a mission of truly connecting with others. Others see casual banter; you see a potential connection. Some … Read More

Your Call to “Worrylessness”

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Your Call to “Worrylessness”   In Christ, for you, worry is extinct. You seek first the kingdom. The things others fret over are actually being added unto you. Central to your existence is kingdom-building, thus … Read More

About Your Voice

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“About Your Voice”   In Christ, you worship the One True God who spoke creation into existence. In total darkness, God spoke and illuminating, brilliant, life-giving light was manifested. His voice is creative, inspiring, penetrating … Read More

No Bad News Here

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No Bad News Here         In Christ, you have access to a priceless, almost-hidden treasure. You can pursue, possess, and be possessed by a God-ordained joy. Some pursue a fleeting and certainly … Read More

Be You, Be Hopeful

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Christ is in you, the hope of glory. In Christ, you see adversity as an opportunity for growth. You are steeped in hope. Christ in you, informs your thoughts and educates your emotions to navigate … Read More

Some Reality About You Today!

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Some Reality About You Today! As a follower of Christ, you possess a critical understanding of the meaning of life that literally billions of people have yet to discover. You know where you have been, … Read More

Need Some Good News?

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We often find ourselves bombarded with news of all kinds. I thought that I would share some timeless truths regarding good news with you today.   Good News:  God’s interest in you will always exceed … Read More