Need Some Good News?

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We often find ourselves bombarded with news of all kinds. I thought that I would share some timeless truths regarding good news with you today.   Good News:  God’s interest in you will always exceed … Read More

Are You Leaking Properly?

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           Yesterday, my sunroof started to leak. My truck is basically new, but my sunroof was leaking. I stuffed paper towels into the areas where I saw water dripping in. When … Read More

Take a Risk Today

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           We like to evaluate things. We evaluate movies, restaurants, sermons, books, blogs, vacation rentals, politicians, peers, and most everything else in between. I don’t guess there is necessarily anything wrong … Read More

What is Your Teachability Factor?

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         Humility seems to be teachability’s first cousin.  These two family members seem to hang out together a lot. They are almost always doing something together. If you are fairly teachable, then … Read More

America is Now Ripe for a Revival

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           Historically speaking, revivals and mass awakenings follow long seasons of moral and spiritual decline.  Good news; America is prepped for a historic revival in more ways than one. Yes, we … Read More

What is Lifepoints?

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       Since the advent of social media and its inherent marketing power, so many people now have a small in-home business or even a ministry. Usually, a web-based business or ministry comes with … Read More