Dreaming in Dundee

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Dreaming in Dundee        The students at Baldragon School in Dundee, Scotland didn’t expect me, an American minister, to enter their classroom this morning to discuss matters of life and faith. Nonetheless, we … Read More

A Gospel Famine

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  A Gospel Famine       There are still some “old-timers” in Scotland who still reverently recall the five-year, Hebrides outpouring that started in 1949. I’ve been told that you can still hear something … Read More

Your Oscar Acceptance Speech?

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Your Oscar Acceptance Speech?         Imagine the Oscars are approaching… You know in the back of your mind that your performance was Oscar worthy. You actually have a fairly good chance of … Read More

Trouble Sleeping?

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    Have you seen a mattress commercial lately? Of course, you have. The entire “sleep” industry is huge. Have you heard or seen a “no-snore” apparatus or a pillow commercial lately? Of course, you … Read More

Reverend Billy Graham

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    Jesus left the 99. Billy Graham left at 99. Yesterday morning, I was enjoying breakfast with a fellow minister when we received a rather memorable news alert. We suddenly became aware of Rev. … Read More