Seize Simplicity

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          Someone told me about a hiring technique that is used by a huge, profitable corporation here in America. During an interview, a potential new employee is given the following scenario … Read More

It’s Alive. Feed it!

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        Somewhere inside you, something is slowly growing. Not only is it growing, but its appetite is growing as well. It is becoming increasingly hungry in ways that it has not been … Read More

Simply Put (Simplicity PART 4)

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         We are seeking to maximize those things in life that make us more productive, efficient, and peace-filled while minimizing, if not eradicating, those things which intensify busyness, complexity, and anxiety.   … Read More

Looking for Love?

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Looking for Love?            When I was a kid, Mickey Gilly sang a song that reminded people not to “look for love in all the wrong places”. If you have no … Read More