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       While typing an outline the other day, I realized that I had misspelled a word. I meant to type “strategy” but it actually read “startegy”. Not a bad word, actually. To me, … Read More

“Do You Need a Good Diversion?”

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Last night, after weeks of waiting, my wife, Angie, and I sat in front of our oversized television to enjoy, yell, pace, and endure the excruciating pain of cheering our Georgia Bulldogs to victory. Actually, … Read More

Discover Your Calling

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A person may say, “I love my old car, “I love Cinnabons”, “I love cage-match wrestling”, “I love God”, “I love these new jeans” and “I love you and you love me, so we should … Read More

Ignore Your Weaknesses?

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Surely, you have seen American Idol auditions of people who are terrible singers? The seasoned judges try to let them know it’s time to take up another career path. Forty-two million viewers immediately know the … Read More

Five Ways that You are Bettering Your World



This world has a deep, seemingly never-ending “soul ache”. It is difficult to meet someone who is not hurting somewhere down deep in the “crawl spaces of their soul” whether than realize it or not. … Read More

Five Necessities to Raising Your Game



Is your “A” game, really your “A” game or is it really your “B” game? Has your status quo been your status quo for far too long? There is a greater efficiency and effectiveness that … Read More