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Careful: There is Something Slithering Around Your Church


The greatest enemy of the church is currently slithering amid the younger generations of Europe. His name is Apathy. He’s a snake in the grass, that is also here in the states, with his good friend, Purposelessness. This dark duo feeds on despondency and division but they really like feasting on the death of desire, the death of a ministry or the death of a marriage.  

How does one infuse a believer or a congregation with an antidote for apathy and purposelessness? Passion is becoming the buzz word to replace an older, overused buzz word, vision. No longer are people asking; what’s your vision. People want to know about your passion.

Without a passion, many feel inadequate or worthy of dismissal. These people are not at all inadequate, they just feel that way because of a lack of purpose and passion. If a person has enough God-given passion they will do what they normally wouldn’t consider doing to accomplish their goals. Said another way, abundant passion eventually morphs into self-discipline or self-control. Imagine that!

Those who have passion also have time for their passion. Suddenly time becomes available for the things we deeply care about. Busyness gives birth to prioritizing when passion and purpose are present. When someone says, “I just don’t have time”, they may be saying, “I just don’t care enough”.

It very difficult to have compassion without passion. It just doesn’t work. An absence of care toward others, indicates of a lack of purpose and passion. Little to no evangelism can often be acquainted with an anemic desire and understanding of purpose and passion.

People don’t really want a job as much as they want a calling. People don’t really want an unreachable fantasy that temporarily makes them feel better. People want a reachable dream. People don’t want a boss as much as they want a dream manager.

If you are passionate about seeing a God-ordained passion in others then perhaps you yourself could become even more purposeful in helping others seize their personal passion in life and in ministry.