About Your Voice

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“About Your Voice”


In Christ, you worship the One True God who spoke creation into existence. In total darkness, God spoke and illuminating, brilliant, life-giving light was manifested. His voice is creative, inspiring, penetrating to the human soul and spirit, and will not return void. When He speaks, you hear on the inside.

You too have a voice. Ideally, your voice echoes God’s voice in many ways. You can verbalize true insight that, when spoken, sets captives free. God’s voice is like a double-edged sword, and He loans you that same sword when you are trustworthy to wield it. When your agenda takes a back seat to His agenda, you speak beyond casual rhetoric.

You have an authoritative voice. As His priest, you speak with a divine assurance and authority. When you speak on His behalf, your words are laced with confidence. More often than not, your words are not your own. For you, words can originate elsewhere- above and beyond you. These particular words have a fragrance of restoration and redemption about them while common words remain odorless and dull. In Christ, you can speak, sing, and pray words and in so doing, you convey love beyond poetic and eloquent jargon. His voice through you is divine, result-generating, and confidence-building.   

You have a compassionate and therapeutic voice that drips of earnestness and attentiveness. Your voice, in Christ, softens hardened hearts and brings about healing from the inside out. You have an ability and giftedness to speak not only to ears but to hearts. Others speak “to” or “at”: You speak “with”. You have an understanding and respectful voice. Your voice is activated when others are finished with their voice.

You have an additional voice that not many others choose to use. It is the greatest of voices. You have a voice that reverberates within people’s hearts yet remains deafly silent. This voice is silent, but it silences other voices and renders other agendas null and void. This voice is silent and intensely violent against hypocrisy and manipulation. You have the greatest weapon of communication ready for your use and you are authorized to use it. You can model the loving behavior of Christ without verbalizing a word, and say more in a moment than others actually say in a lifetime. You can model an earnest act of sacrifice or servitude, in silence, that speaks volumes of authenticity to the hurting, the fearful, the confused, and the angry.

Like Christ, in silence, you can unholster a towel and a basin and demolish the most intense adversarial attitudes that seek to deny and demolish truth. You have that weapon at your disposal. You possess that sensitive voice of unconditional kindness in action.    

The responsibility entrusted to you to speak on behalf of God and in concert with God is the most profound privilege that will ever come your way. You remain a pliable, teachable, and humble servant called to communicate the most encouraging and empowering truths to people who are parched and unsatisfied. Know this. Practice this. Speak this, and even use words if necessary. You are a loved vessel called to dispense truth in the depths of darkness. Speak and enjoy seeing new, illuminating, life-giving light in the eyes of those longing to hear Him through you!  

-Dr. Gary Hewins



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