Are You Leaking Properly?

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           Yesterday, my sunroof started to leak. My truck is basically new, but my sunroof was leaking. I stuffed paper towels into the areas where I saw water dripping in. When these huge wads of absorbent paper were soaked, I would quickly drop them on the passenger floor mat and then replace them with reinforcements. What a bummer!

          I live in what is defined as a temperate rain forest. Basically, this means we get our share of gloriously cool and pleasant weather at an elevation of 4111 feet but it also means it rains a lot. This also means getting the sunroof fixed immediately is of paramount importance.

          After one day of this joyful experience, I mentally settled in for a morning of work at our local Ford dealer’s body shop. Surely, they would fix the problem by noon and I could get to the rest of my meetings and obligations for the day. After securing a huge Dunkin Donuts coffee, I arrived at the dealer at 7:56 am and I left at 8:06. Everything fixed. No charge. No hassle. Back to Dunkin Donuts to get another coffee and write this blog.

          Come to find out, sunroofs are supposed to leak, constantly. Sunroofs are now designed to allow water in rather than keep water out. Trucks that cost tens of thousands of dollars are now engineered to leak. Where have I been? The water that is allowed into the interior of the car is meant to run down a channel, within the sunroof assembly, that leads to one of four drains through which the water exits. Who knew?  My drains were clogged.

         You and I are designed to receive all kinds of blessings from heaven. If we fail to channel these blessings to others, then we create a huge problem. We do not really function well if what we receive remains within us. If you hear a good joke—retell it. If you receive some good preaching or teaching, share it or put the teaching into action. Get rid of it! Let it flow!

         We do not truly possess what has been given to us unless we, in-kind, give it away. People who hoard money don’t really own it—they are owned by it. If you receive encouragement—pass it on to another. When love comes your way—release it to another.  If you possess a huge burden, cast it on the Lord or pray it out. Life is more about “hot potatoes” than we think. Get rid of some or all of what you receive. Do not keep everything for yourself. The Dead Sea is dead because nothing flows out of it.

         Like my truck, you were created to leak. We can ill-afford to be “spiritually constipated”. May you enter into the flow of grace today. There is such an inexplicable freedom within those who freely receive and freely give. When we seek to absorb the blessing of God, meant to be “channeled” to others, we ourselves become self-absorbed. Be careful!

-Dr. Gary Hewins,

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