Be You, Be Hopeful

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Christ is in you, the hope of glory. In Christ, you see adversity as an opportunity for growth. You are steeped in hope. Christ in you, informs your thoughts and educates your emotions to navigate adversity. You see hope when others see despair. You see opportunities when others see impossibilities. You lean into Christ when others start to run. You not only model poise, you walk in a divine confidence that defines it.

You settle yourself into solutions while others rehearse problems. Your Lord is more than a concept. He is the focal point of your hope. He is your dispenser of trust when everything is a bust. The Spirit of God partners with you to overcome obstacles rather than be overwhelmed. You are an overcomer. With hope, you choose gratitude over complaining every time.  

You are a doer, not an observer. You don’t make excuses, you make promises. You accept responsibility rather than reject others. You are the head and not the tail. In Christ, you are exemplary. You are an innovator looking to invigorate others. You are not idle, dead, apathetic, or pathetic. You are uniquely crafted, very much alive, and forever hopeful of seeing Christ live and move, in and around you.

Your hope is contagious to those needing to live on purpose. People sense your hope. People see your hope. People need your hope. Your hope is as credible and dependable as His promises are “yes and amen”.

Whatever lies ahead for you, you are prepared to rise above it. There is an irrevocable calling on your life. In that calling, you live in a divine reality excluded from many other people’s thoughts and actions. You are a bastion of hope leading a charge among people desperately needing to follow someone of hope. Your trust is rooted in and solidified through Jesus Christ the Lord, the Ancient of Days, the Bright and Morning Star, the Bishop of your Soul, the King of every king, and the Alpha and the Omega.

Remain hopeful today. Be full of hope today. Be thou filled with the Holy Spirit today. Be yourself today…you are more than sufficient in Christ.  

-Dr. Gary Hewins

Lifepoints Corp.


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