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In Christ, you know to savor moments. This precise moment is yours to enjoy. This exact moment, and the few to follow, are for you to delight in. You will not live in the anxiety of the future nor dwell in the regret of the past. You live delightfully in the present. In this present moment is His Presence, His innovation, and His creativity.  The solutions to your dilemmas are discovered right now in this moment with Him, rather than in imagined future scenarios that exclude Him. He has something for you to learn today that will alleviate the need for you to walk in fear of tomorrow.   

You, in Christ, resist any pull to leave the present only to embrace anxiety. There is a perfect peace for you now, but not necessarily in your imagination. You delight in the present moment and are found to be delightful by others as a result. 

While many fixate on the desires of their heart, you are becoming adept at delighting in your Lord first. Your delight in Him opens up avenues of blessings that others never enjoy, for they look to the blessings more than the “Blesser”. You know the delight in living in the present. You know the wastefulness of living in the past. You know to escape the anxious clutches of anxiety that pull you into an uncertain future. You delight in Christ first. 

In this moment, you know to cast your cares on Him. He never lets the righteous fall. In this moment, you resist the heavier yoke and choose the lighter. In the present, you are responsible for your countenance, your well-being, and your level of peace. You have been given a wonderful gift. You have a gift many are oblivious to understanding. You have the gift of volition. You have the power to choose. You lead yourself to choose truth, to choose Christ, to choose the fruit of the Spirit and the narrow road before you. You are exceptional in your decision making. You choose to delight in Christ, plan with Him in mind, and you choose the Prince of Peace over the dread of godless, stressful thinking that leads to dysfunctional physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual health.    

You are alive in this moment, called to this moment, and teachable in this moment. You have today. Can you afford to skip today for an imagined tomorrow? Can you advisedly discard today for an uncertain tomorrow? Can you, in Christ, rush through “now” and miss what was prepared for you to enjoy? He is sovereignly with you now and to the ends of the earth. Shall we jump past Him now? 

In Christ, you don’t rush and miss today. In Christ, you are called to build upon Him today. The foundation needed to enjoy tomorrow is being built today. Tomorrow’s success is assured by todays volition. Choose to live in a cadence today that yields results with Him as opposed to without Him. Delight in the delightful opportunity to be fully alive right now. You are avoiding the death that worry and anxiety stir up when they seek to kidnap your mind and blindfold you to the power, delight, love, and innovation of the Lord.  The Lord of the present calls you to worship Him in word and in deed, now. You delight in Him daily and as a result, you live a delightfully contagious life to those around you living in the shame of yesterday or the fear of tomorrow. You are full. You are delightful. You are worthy of living in the joy and challenges of today, for you are formidable, resilient, and enduring in Christ.             


-Dr. Gary Hewins

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