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In Christ, you have depth of insight. You have His mind and His heart. You make a mission of truly connecting with others. Others see casual banter; you see a potential connection. Some speak from the tip of their tongue; you speak from a deep well whenever necessary.

You are not afraid to care. You seek depth not for depth’s sake, but for a soul’s sake. You remain conversationally comfortable because you walk with and in the power of the love of Christ. His perfect love for your friends displaces your self-orchestrated timidity. You are not intimidated by intimacy. Christ validates your ministry with pre-planned works prepared in advance for you to engage upon.

You impact others beyond the superficial. You have spiritual ears. Empathy is your companion. You are a minister who peers into souls. You crave relational impact. There is no “awkward” for you. You are verbally and emotionally adept at understanding another’s pain, emptiness, aimlessness, and longing for Christ. You long to share with those most unsatisfied. You are like-minded with your Lord, and you know the depth of effective care. You have words available to you that are salve to wounded souls. You speak when it is an improvement on silence.

You lean on and lean into His wisdom and His compassion for the wayward. While some keep people in their thoughts, you keep people in your prayers. You are tenderized by your personal adversity to relate to those with a hardened exterior. You are not put off by resistant hearts, but enamored with the possibilities. To you, God’s word is the hammer that breaks the rock.

You make a recipe of humor, depth, and compassion. You are a respected minister of reconciliation. You are a trustworthy ambassador that people seek out for answers. You fear the burden of another’s pain because you care. You can discuss any subject and make it drip with truth. Your authenticity exceeds your scholarship. Your genuine concern exceeds your eloquence.

You are full of encouragement and available to dispense it. Your insightfulness is coupled with His thoughtfulness. You move about comfortably with surface chat and/or deep exchanges. Your words are choice and surgical, invoking reflection. You converse in a manner that is thought-provoking, not mind-numbing. You stand out. You matter to others.

In Christ, your “blessable”, selfless ambition is to make Him known in word and in deed. You are an anointed connector of people with Christ. You know depth, you know warmth, and you know their source: Christ in you, the hope of glory. Amen.


-Dr. Gary Hewins

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