It’s Alive. Feed it!

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        Somewhere inside you, something is slowly growing. Not only is it growing, but its appetite is growing as well. It is becoming increasingly hungry in ways that it has not been before. Eventually, it must be continually fed. You should not concern yourself with whether you can afford to feed it. In fact, one day, you will say to yourself, “I can’t afford not to feed it.” At its genesis, you were not aware of its presence, but you became aware. Your duty is to nurture it and become much better at caring for it. It is a precious living gift.

        From this “it”, you will receive a great deal of contentment and satisfaction, yet it will also require sacrifice and selflessness. Sometimes, inside you, it will stir, move a bit, and then subside, reminding you of its presence. When you are most active, you will likely be least aware of its need to be fed and cared for. When you are the most stressed, it will quiet itself and slowly retreat. It can easily be masked, dismissed, or even forgotten; but nonetheless, it still remains patiently in waiting, sometimes for decades.

        One day it will ask much of you. In fact, it will come to the forefront of your dreams and aspirations. It will eventually become immovable and fixed while it moves and stirs you. Eventually, it will feed you and empower you. It will occupy many of your thoughts. You will want to learn all you can and further prepare yourself to live with this “it”. One day you will pass away. The “it”, however, will continue on, doing in your absence what it always wanted to do in your presence. Sometimes, the “it” continues to affect others for years…

       The “it” is a calling. You have, in you, a calling that is slowly forming hands and feet and a mind of its own. That calling wants to be fed and nurtured. It does not want to be pushed aside, dismissed, or forgotten. It wants to be discovered and set free to be itself through you. Once embraced, that calling in life will increase your focus and your strategic thinking. Your priorities will be easily recognizable. Your decision-making will be laced with clarity. You will become even more centered, efficient, and resolved.

      You are a unique vessel, formed and shaped in an intricate way by God. You are His craftsmanship. He used His hands to craft you in such a way that you are not only unique, but you have unique “goodness” to bring about. You have been shaped and called to bring about goodness in some personally special way. This calling to bring about goodness will be work. This “work” will bring glory to He who placed this “it” inside of you. This calling to do good isn’t an afterthought; oh no, this is a well thought out plan. Your Creator watches you like a good movie, knowing eventually what is to come because He wrote the script. The best part of the script is when you become aware of the “it” He prepared for you to enjoy.

      If your life is too complex, it may be because your calling is not at the forefront of your planning and priorities. In such a season of life, everything is important and we take on too much. Busyness causes simplicity to become anemic, and it retreats far away until another day when your focus returns. When we are most aware of what is most important in life, simplicity thrives, busyness retreats, and we enjoy making things happen in Christ.  

For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. (Ephesians 2:10).

Have a great day—focusing upon and feeding the divine calling within you. Simplicity!


-Dr. Gary Hewins,

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