“We can start with a dream and an expectation only to run against barriers and ceilings in life and ministry. Problems need to be addressed and barriers need to move out of the way. We may need someone to help us in that process. Without a person and a plan, we will likely find ourselves frustrated or drifting back to where we started or worse.”

Our Passion

Ministries come in all shapes, sizes and settings. The Lifepoints team enjoys decades of hands on ministry experience in mega-church and rural church settings. Our consulting experience includes one-on-one coaching for communicators, leadership development, team training and fundraising. We often diagnose issues and help solve problems. We have yet to encounter an area of ministry in the church we haven’t personally led or provided oversight for in the daily trenches. There are some enjoyable ways to increase your effectiveness in ministry.

  • Maybe you need more information before you see additional transformation?
  • Maybe you need some feedback concerning your present ministry?
  • Maybe your leadership style needs some tweaking?
  • Maybe you lack clarity concerning your personal purpose and mission?

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Discover Your Calling

You are called to talk to God about people and to people about God. Do you need help clarifying your personal ministry space? Lifepoints can help you define and clarify your personal ministry and help you further develop a personal ministry plan. There are good works, prepared in advance for you to do. You are God’s handiwork (Eph. 2:10). You are a unique priest and a gifted minister (Is. 61:6). Online courses coming soon. Subscribe to receive updates today!

Raise Your Game

We all reach a point where we are not personally equipped to show ourselves how to improve. This only makes sense. Maybe you need some insight on how to “raise your game”? Lifepoints can point you in the direction of excellence. Online courses coming soon. Subscribe to receive updates today!

Better Your World

Those who understand their calling (vocational or not) bear fruit that lasts. Many people want to bear fruit; fewer people produce lasting fruit. Knowing your calling and “raising your game” result in moving others into their calling and ministry. Are you leaving a spiritual legacy or just “hanging out”. Maybe it’s time to get more intentional? Online courses coming soon. Subscribe to receive updates today!

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“Thank you, Gary, for speaking the truth in love. What a gift!”

Dr. Crawford W. Loritts, Jr. Author, Radio Host, Sr. Pastor Fellowship Bible Church, Roswell, Georgia
“Truth Serum illuminates his method, his rhythm, his ways—a must read for today’s preacher!”Paul ClaytonPresident Mission One, Scottsdale AZ.
“Truth Serum will help you stay on track in a day where people are being blown back and forth by every wind of teaching. “Dr. David Cooper, Lead Pastor Mount Paran Church, Atlanta, GA.