Need Some Good News?

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We often find ourselves bombarded with news of all kinds. I thought that I would share some timeless truths regarding good news with you today.


  • Good News:  God’s interest in you will always exceed your interest in Him. Even if your interest wanes, His attentiveness to you remains constant. God doesn’t just love you. If “just loving you” was His nature, then His love could wane as you become more unlovable. God is love. There is nothing you can do to cause Him to love you more, and there is nothing that you can refrain from doing that would cause Him to love you less. God is love.


  • Good News: You and I have emotions and moods that can sometimes rule us in some way, shape, or form. God has emotions too, and His emotions never keep Him from being accessible to you every minute of every day. He is jealous for you. He weeps and grieves over you and He celebrates the coolest happenings in and around you.


  • Good News: God wants you to be more child-like and less childish. He wants you to play more and giggle more often in life, and He wants you to trust Him just as a toddler would. He likes the word “daddy”. He is your heavenly Father, and a far superior version of your earthly father.   


  • Good News: God is alive. His word is living and active. He can breathe life into and upon you this morning, this afternoon, and this evening. Everything He desires is living, life-giving, and dynamic. He never gets old, stale, irrelevant, or moldy. Our approach and understanding may incorporate boredom, apathy, or death; but He is your invigorating and ever-present source of inspiration and life.


  • Good News:  He is the Creator who is the sole source of creativity on earth. He inspires you to think with the creative mind of Christ. He is the orchestrator of all oratory that glorifies His son. Words are available to you. Ideas and solutions are stockpiled for you that are just waiting for you to requisition. He has songs for you, lyrics for you, dreams for you, and liberating approaches for you to implement.


  • Good News: He makes it possible for you to experience and do all things in Christ. You can accomplish anything he calls you to attempt. Your Father has a reservoir of gifting, anointing, and motivation for you to be who you want and who you need to be in Christ. You are His personalized, divinely- autographed handiwork. Next to His reservoir of ability and empowerment, He has a fun list of already prepared works for you to enjoy.


  • Good News: You may desire happiness, but His desire is for you to experience joy. His joy is not fleeting, shallow, or unattainable. You do not need “luck”, but only the favor of God. His Son is ahead of you. His rod is on your side and His staff is on your other side. Angels are above you. You stand on His promises and His Spirit is within you. Goodness and mercy are in hot pursuit of you like two lovable, slobbering golden retrievers wanting to catch up with your rapid pace.


  • Good News: You may be down and almost out. You may have been betrayed, hurt, ignored, or neglected. You may be broke, ill, or aimless at the moment. However, remember this: No weapon formed against you will prosper. You WILL overcome by the power of the blood of the Lamb, His Name, and the word of our testimony. Hang on!


  • Great News: Those who call upon His Name will be saved and will enjoy the resurrection power of serving Him on earth before an inevitable physical death. Those who believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, confess their sins, and repent will enjoy the purposeful bliss of living again on a new earth and a new heaven.


Please make sure that the life-giving news you ingest today far exceed the reports of death, destruction, and demise from secular news. Blessings!


-Dr. Gary Hewins

Lifepoints Corp.


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