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Do you ever get or give this answer? What did you do last night? Answer: “nothing’. I noticed that you’ve been crying uncontrollably. What’s wrong? Answer: “nothing”. You have a vindictive rage in your eyes; you’re holding a hand grenade and a spear. What’s going on? Answer: “nothing”. That politician did absolutely “nothing” while in office. Really… “nothing”? Well…maybe.

Can you actually do “nothing”? At any given time you have synapses firing in your brain. That’s something, right. Random thoughts go through your consciousness, right? Breathing is taking place, correct? Is it possible to do “nothing” with an autonomic nervous system? Is “nothing” a reality on earth? Even if you were deceased would you still be doing “nothing”? Wouldn’t your body be deteriorating? That’s something. Is there any space in which no molecule of gas or any atom is not present thus defining “nothingness”? Is there actually a place of utter “voidness” somewhere? At what point can “nothing” be accurately applied?

Maybe I’m being too literal. Sometimes we do feel empty and void. Sometimes we sort of feel “nothing” when we want to feel alive. Perhaps we feel little to “nothing” for ourselves. Could the love we once had for another vanish into “nothingness”? Maybe at times we feel we are going nowhere, getting “nothing” done. “Nothing” is real in this sense.

God is the Supreme expert on “nothingness”. He created everything you see and everything you cannot see out of nothing (ex nihilo). He sees voids. God sees voids in your heart and in your life. In fact, God looks for voids and seeks to fill them with Himself. He is the expert on recognizing “nothingness” and making something out of it. If you have a sense that you or your life or your relationships add up to close to nothing – God, who makes incredible things out of “nothing”, is looking for you.

Invite Christ into your “nothingness”. Yes, literally and verbally invite Christ into your void. That’s all he asks for. Christ didn’t come to earth as one of us to leave us empty with “nothing” to live for. Christ came that you might have life and life more abundantly (Jn. 10:10). When you feel like you are a “nothing” he wants your cup to run over. It’s a huge, eternal mistake to dismiss Him as “nothing” for He is everything. Consider reading the gospel of John on your own this week and get to know this “Filler of empty spaces”. Chapter 3 is of particular importance.

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