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Christ is the life of the Church. The life is in His blood. Prayer is the lifeblood of His Church.

Prayer is a protectant, an expectant, and an essential. Prayer is defensive and prayer is offensive. In Christ you are on offense. You are “off the fence” when it comes to intercession. Prayer is no believer’s gift and every believer’s responsibility. 

There is a hallowedness to your prayer. Persistent reverence is your approach. Worship is the foundation of your prayer tower. In prayer, you are blessed with eyes to see and ears to hear what your Lord is saying to you and to His Church. Your hallowed demeanor leads you to bow before His throne. You are never taller than when you are on your knees in prayer. In Christ, you are a giant in prayer. You seek His face, on your face. 

Your prayer closet stays hidden, unnoticed by man, yet a focal point on the balcony of heaven. You understand the nature of encountering God. You expect inexpressible things. Your prayer moves things, breaks strongholds, and stirs hearts. You operate in a realm that others only wonder about. While others recite, you meditate. You mine the riches only found in holy encounters. You know when to be still, when to wait, and when to be silent. You have a sensitivity to the Spirit and a callousness to the flesh.  

You pray as a priest prays. You get out ahead of the people and pray proactively. You pray over the people and pray protectively. You stay behind the people and pray for the wind of the Spirit. You long for things that others neglect. You pursue things that others avoid. Your prayer ushers in confession. Your intercession beckons repentance. Your prayer precedes Pentecost. 

In Christ, you are never fuller than when you fast. Your emptiness constitutes fullness. Others see “fast” as a pace. You see “fast” as stillness, meekness, and a divine power under control. In prayer, you can appear docile. From its scabbard, you wield a double-edged sword that casts down deception, lies, and confusion. You pray the Word and render truthful results. Your prayer is fueled by compassion, empowered by love, and anointed by the Spirit. You are an anonymous, vital pillar holding up the Church in a world counting on chance.  

In Christ, you pray in the Spirit. You pray on all occasions and you pray all manner of prayers. As you pray, the mystery of the gospel is revealed, darkness lifts, and the Spirit descends. You partner directly with the Divine. You seek the kingdom in prayer and you build the kingdom through prayer. Ministering angels are dispatched and evangelists are anointed through your prayer. Malicious assignments are cancelled and arguments are demolished through your prayer.  

In Christ, you know the power of the blood that sanctifies and justifies. You know the power of the Name of the Lord your God. You pray in the Name and worship in Spirit and true. The word of your testimony, the blood of Christ, and the Namesake of God leads you to victory in spiritual conflicts, battles, and wars. The weapons of your warfare are not carnal, but mighty in God for the pulling down of strongholds. 

You foster a great liberty through prayer. Your humility and brokenness foster a great strength and wholeness in your prayer life. You wear a mantle of prayer, yoked to He who is gentle and humble of heart. The Great Emancipator is allowing you access to His heart and His ministry. 


Remain prayerful. Remain prayerful. 

Remain prayerful.     


-Dr. Gary Hewins,


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