Simply Put (Simplicity PART 4)

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         We are seeking to maximize those things in life that make us more productive, efficient, and peace-filled while minimizing, if not eradicating, those things which intensify busyness, complexity, and anxiety.

         There is undoubtedly something very unique and special about you as a person. You are like no other. Your experiences, knowledge, and abilities make you a one-of-a kind, treasured possession belonging first to the Lord. You are beautiful in His eyes. He champions you. He treasures you and enjoys seeing you enjoy life. You are extremely capable, lovable, gifted, resourced, and worthy of accomplishing much in Christ. You are the apple of His eye. Those around you appreciate you and your heart to serve with an incredible work ethic.

         But let’s keep it real. As special and unique as you are…you cannot do everything. Even if you can do many things well, you have no business doing too much. You are a really special person but you aren’t “all that”. You are just one person with the same amount of time as everyone else on earth. You are one solitary person. Stay focused.

         Maybe you never verbalize one prideful word about yourself but your behavior says “I can do most anything while doing most everything else”. Yes, you can do all things through Christ that strengthens you (Phil 4:13), but this doesn’t mean you intend to do so all at one time or by the end of this week. Get simplistic now. Give others a chance, back off and ask for help, delegate and let go, get over yourself.

         There are other specially gifted and experienced people out there that need something of value to do and if you are attempting to do too much, you are keeping others from strategically contributing to life or even from helping you. You, as special as you are, may be in the way. Consider, in your “specialness” stepping aside to allow another to thrive. Sometimes people’s lives get out of balance because of guilt or a need to be needed. You do not need such affirmation in Christ. He has already apportioned that to you on the cross. You already have approval. Stop working for an identity.

        If you were to write down one thing in your life that you need to let go of for simplicity’s sake, what would it be? Is it a behavior? A relationship? An obsession? A fear? A false expectation? A possession? A mindset? An over-commitment? What is making your life complex to the point where your relationships are being compromised? Let it go. Set it free, and be free yourself. Too much complexity will ravage your peace. Send it packing. Drop it. Loose it, and in so doing, “loose” yourself.  What complexity is coming between you and the Spirit of God? Ditch it. Leave it be. Resist it, it will flee.

       If your life is way out of balance it is because you allowed it to get that way. You can, with the Lord’s help, simplify again. People will help you. God will help you. Less is more. Less is more. Less is more.

Those who love you need you at your best. Let’s get balanced again!!  Simplicity now!


-Dr. Gary Hewins,


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