Some Reality About You Today!

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Some Reality About You Today!

As a follower of Christ, you possess a critical understanding of the meaning of life that literally billions of people have yet to discover. You know where you have been, you know where you are, and you know where you are going. When you truly come to understand these revelations, your life is filled with more gratitude, purpose, and hope.

You are an ambassador who carries a divine calling and authority. You are an ever-moving and ever-relevant embassy of the Lord Jesus Christ. For people to encounter you is to encounter the kingdom of God. You possess a divinely sourced authority that is demonstrated in deeds. When you speak, you speak with authority.

There is an irrevocable calling on your life and necessary giftedness to make that calling sure, effective, and glorifying to your Lord. No weapon formed against you will ultimately prosper. You are marked as belonging to Christ while others have chosen to be aligned with the antichrist. You are set apart for good works. You enjoy accessibility to the throne of grace as needed and as often as you wish. There are arsenals of support around you. You are a fortified priest: motivated by love to minister to any and every one you encounter.

Your humility and your meekness are powerhouses of influence. You are an overcomer whose battle is in no way against flesh and blood. You are a formidable rampart of prayer that softens even the hardest of hearts. You don’t give up, for there is always a way where there seems to be no way.

You rest in Christ, you live in Christ, and you have your being in Christ. For you, to live is Christ and to die is gain. You have an appetite for the word that has yet to be fully realized. You have a thirst for righteousness that will catapult you into a new stratum of effectiveness in life, in family, and in the marketplace.

When you integrate truth into your career, even greater blessings will abound. You are the apple of the eye of God and nobody (and I mean nobody) has any business messing with you because your meekness is a powerful weapon. Your humility yields great teachability and your personal witness speaks of being owned by Christ Himself.

Make it your declaration today to become more like who God says you are than that false self who longs for a mask.  Believe that you are valuable, acceptable, exceptional, and be present with your Lord in a way that makes every day an adventure. Live on purpose today. Be expectant. Be ready. Be available. Be yourself- you are much needed.  


 -Dr. Gary Hewins

Lifepoints Corp

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