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       What is the oldest thing you own? I own some baseball cards from as far back as the early sixties. There are some items in our home that go back to the Civil War. Big deal, that’s nothing. I live in a country that will soon be 242 years old (that’s embryonic in the game of nations). The other day I stood in front of a gate to a city that was over 4,000 years old. Who builds a gate that lasts that long? In a word, “Canaanites”. For a few minutes, I hung out in front of what is known as Abraham’s gate; only because Abraham from the Bible walked through it a few times. He walked through it because it was on his way. Abraham only traveled where God would have him go.  

     Abraham never bought a car with a navigation system. He never used a cell phone to get around. He actually traveled daily without knowing where he was going to end up. He just moved forward in the direction that he sensed God was directing him. What a concept. Abraham had to figure this out, daily, weekly, monthly and annually.

    This week I will receive emails from top leadership experts, inviting me to check out their latest material on developing direction in leadership, building an even bigger congregation, or managing my time in a more effective manner. I know I will get those emails because I get them every week. My book shelves are riddled with leadership books on how to do this or that. They help, don’t get me wrong. I consult others in these very areas. But there has to be more.

    Please tell me that you and I are continually refining a more personal, intimate sensitivity to the leading of God in our lives that acts as a spiritual navigation system of sorts. There should be instructions and directions regarding right and left turns in our personal friendship with Christ that are not unlike those Abraham received. Make sure you are living your life from the inside out. Here are a few action steps that will get you and I closer to developing a personal navigation system drenched in faith:


  1. Get real busy getting real still, more often.
  2. Turn up the volume on silence (God whispers a lot).
  3. Ask more questions of God than you ask for things from Him.
  4. Desire a direction that brings Him glory though you receive little to none.
  5. Desire a clear “way” for your life realizing that Christ is the “Way” (John 14:6).
  6. Ask for the discernment to know the difference between doing things and getting somewhere (Business and productivity rarely travel the same road).
  7. Have fun. Laugh more. Chill out more than you freak out.

-Pastor Gary Hewins

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