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       While typing an outline the other day, I realized that I had misspelled a word. I meant to type “strategy” but it actually read “startegy”. Not a bad word, actually. To me, this new word looked like a strategy to start something. Naturally this should be called a “startegy”, right?

       Thinking that I had come up with a new concept, I googled “startegy”. I am a little late to the game. An online urban dictionary defines “startegy” as…  1. A plan to begin a new project, 2. A strategy relating to a new undertaking or enterprise, 3. Mistyping strategy but pretending you meant it.

      Having gone this far into the process, I decided to go a few steps further. Here are some tips for starting something:

  1. Count the cost before you start- There are only three things that we can do as we “startegize”: Expand, Enhance or Eliminate. If something new is added to your life or if you need to really focus on improving in an area, then something has to go; Eliminate it (Luke 14:28).
  2. Actually start- Some people are commencing to begin or initiate something but the only thing started is creating the impression that they are actually going to actually start something. Let’s agree that this illusion isn’t enough. Think Nike (James 2:17).
  3. Start, but also; stop and restart- The creative process of the sub-conscious mind is fascinating. Start something, get some work done, then walk away or sleep on it. Your mind keeps working on the matter even though you don’t realize it. Try this with puzzles like Sudoku. Answers readily flow once you return to a matter. Read scripture before you sleep. Your mind stays with it all night. Truth, not nightmares (Job 33:14-15).
  4. Use one part of your brain at a time. Stay in a creative flow for as long as you can then get structured. I received some good advice prior to writing my first book. Type and create a flow. Then, when you are done with a section, go back and edit apostrophes and semicolons. Brainstorming is the same way. Keep the ideas flowing, then go back and evaluate them. Creativity comes from but the Creator Himself; Makes sense. Stay near to Him and you will never be stale (John 10:10).
  5. Don’t forget #2.

Pastor Gary Hewins

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