What’s Your Mental Video?

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Your well thought out response to the following scenario may reveal your “calling” in life.
Scenario: You just recently started a new dream job and you have finally settled in at work. After work, you meet a close friend for dinner and they casually ask you how your day at work went. You immediately respond with excitement… “today was, without a doubt, the single best day I have ever had on any job”. Your friend or spouse responds with…”ok I want details, what did you and what did you accomplish today?”

After thinking about it, visualize a “mental video” of yourself working that day. What do you see yourself doing? Whatever it is you see yourself doing, you may want to do more of it. People respond to this scenario in many personally unique ways.

I shared this “after work scenario” with a college student and she immediately said…”I saw myself investing time in middle school girls by hanging out with them. We listened to one another and talked. I was helping them better understand who they are and who they are called to be as women. I was imparting enthusiasm and understanding to the girls and we are all growing more transparent, satisfied and closer”. Isn’t that response an indication that this college student wants to help form and inform people how to reach their potential in life?

Here are some things that your “mental video” of your dream day at work may reveal about you:

1.You are currently in the right line of work. You’re in your “zone”, enjoy!
2.You weren’t in the workplace at all. You were with your kids. That’s revealing.

3.You have something to express, something to build…a legacy to leave.

4.You may need some equipping to do what you see yourself doing. Go get it.

5.You may need to volunteer somewhere to seize that satisfaction and mission you visualized.

6.Evaluate any possible imbalanced motivations beneath what you saw yourself doing and deal with that. Money? Attention? Self?

7.You have something to offer and something to enjoy. Define it. Do it! Live large!

Imagining something can be helpful but you are not called to imagine only. Allow for some room in your life for what matters most to God, to you and to others. Make sure your imagination and reality intersect at some point. Whether it’s on or off the job, there is an irrevocable calling on your life. Seize it.

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