Your Oscar Acceptance Speech?

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Your Oscar Acceptance Speech?

        Imagine the Oscars are approaching… You know in the back of your mind that your performance was Oscar worthy. You actually have a fairly good chance of winning. All practical arrangements have been made (clothing and limousine). The only task to complete is the organization of your thoughts regarding what you will say during your acceptance speech (beyond the heartfelt list of thank you’s).
        If afforded a global audience with many millions of people for just a couple of minutes, what would you say?
      One cannot watch the Oscars without getting a fairly consistent read on where Hollywood stands on cultural issues. Actually, the Oscars may be as much a geo-political program as it is an awards show.
      Actors and actresses often possess a high degree of influence among those who appreciate their work. Such celebrities often leverage that influence to make statements intended to rally people to a cause or movement or express a longing for equality among an oppressed or slighted segment of culture.
      On some level, we each want to make the world a better place as we define “better”.  Would your statement be inclusive or divisive? Would your statement really matter much?
      This year, Oscar host, Jimmy Kimmel, offered a brand-new Jet Ski to the person with the shortest acceptance speech. Would you cut your speech short at the expense of those you would have thanked to sport a new Jet Ski? Maybe you could take your cohorts on a lake after the show? If given such an opportunity, which of the following approaches would you take and what would you say?

  • Make a political statement?
  • Confront a form of inequality in the world? (racial, gender, compensation, etc.)
  • Make a “religious” statement?
  •  Honor someone who recently died (family or otherwise)?
  •  Just accept your award however you see fit?
  •  Go for the new Jet Ski?
  •  All the above in 120 seconds…
  •  Watch from home while someone said you couldn’t be there?

      We have opportunities to influence others every day. Are we prepared in advance to be caring, loving, truthful, and righteous?

-Dr. Gary Hewins,


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